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Underrepresented Minority (CNGLS)


Also referred to as URM. A US citizen or permanent resident who identifies as African American/Black; American Indian/Alaskan Native; Hispanic; Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander; or more than one race when at least one of the preceding URM categories has been indicated. This definition applies to reporting for the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science (CNGLS).

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Postdocs at UW-Madison
Interactive Data Visualization

This data visualization provides information on the background characteristics of postdocs at UW-Madison, their average time spent in postdoctoral training, and their employment outcomes after leaving their postdoc appointment at UW-Madison. It was developed as part of the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science initiative (CNGLS). UW-Madison is a founding member of the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science, which includes 55 national research universities and schools of medicine. The Coalition seeks to improve transparency related to career prospects and opportunities for life sciences trainees, including both graduate students and postdocs.

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Employee Record Graduate School Office of Academic Analysis, Planning, & Assessment Publicly Available 09/19/2023