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Glossary of Terms In Administrative Data and Reports

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Academic Org Recognition


An indicator of the faculty-approved status of the academic organization. Department recognition has three values to distinguish the authority of different types of academic organizations. D= Department. An academic organization recognized as a department and tenure home, approved as such by UAPC, University Committee, Faculty Senate per FPP Ch 5. In some cases the school/college/division serves as the department (Business, School of Human Ecology, Nelson Institute, Law School, School of Nursing, School of Pharmacy). L = Department-Like Academic Unit with Tenure. An academic organization that has department-like status and serves as a faculty tenure home, sometimes with restrictions. Approved as such by UAPC, University Committee. Exceptions for the purposes of the academic structure are the school/college/division acting as a department: CALS, Engineering, Education, Letters & Science, SMPH, Veterinary Medicine, Division of Continuing Studies. N = An academic organization that that serves as an academic home for an academic program or curricular subject listing but is not approved to serve as a faculty tenure home. Approved as such by the University Academic Planning Council.

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