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This data visualization provides information about IT Services at UW Madison.

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Twenty-four contacts across UW-Madison submitted info through a spreadsheet form.
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The IT Service Inventory was collected in Fall 2018 from 24 contacts across UW-Madison. Each contact submitted data via a collection form that listed the IT Services that were provided for their School, College, Institute or Division. This inventory represents services provided to internal or external customers related to technology (Ex. Help Desk or End point computing). The IT services are a snapshot as of November 2018 and do not reflect calendar or fiscal periods. Data was manually collected in spreadsheet form and was not generated from an inventory system.

Some IT service providers associated their particular service with more than one primary service category. Each primary category can be mapped to an ECAR-associated (Educause Center for Analysis and Research) category for comparison with others in higher education. For more information about ECAR see the following website:

For more information about the IT Service collection or data contact a member of the IT Center of Excellence Office.


Campus Unit - The abbreviated name for the UW-Madison School, College, Institute or Division reporting data for the IT Service Inventory.

ECAR - Educause Center for Analysis and Research is a research organization dedicated to understanding IT professionals' role in colleges and universities. More info at

IT Service - An IT Service employs information technologies and resources, people, and processes to collect, manipulate, store and disseminate information to achieve its objectives to support the mission and the operational and managerial needs of the unit with well-defined outcome.

Primary Service - The primary service is a pre-defined category developed for UW-Madison purposes for which the IT service is associated with.

Usage - Usage relates to IT services provided to different areas on or off campus.


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