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Glossary of Terms In Administrative Data and Reports

Data, Academic Planning & Institutional Research

C-Basis Appointment


An appointment directly tied to the academic year calendar (273 days or 39 weeks).

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Employee Record
Academic Appointment

Related Dashboards

Name Type Description Data Domain Responsible Office Access Restrictions Last Updated
Student Assistant Tuition Remission IDE
viz thumbnail for Student Assistant Tuition Remission IDE
Institutional Data Exporter (IDE)

This workbook exports a file listing student assistant appointments (PA, RA, TA, & LSA) that may qualify the graduate or professional student holding the appointment for tuition remission. Query output is limited to active A & C-basis appointments where the employed student has a minimum total FTE of 33% for all appointments in the term selected. Data reflect the most recent action and action effective date in HRS at the time the query is run.

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Employee Record, Student Record Graduate School Office of Academic Analysis, Planning, & Assessment Employee Record Data Internal, Student Record Data Restricted
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Faculty Salary Scatterplots
Interactive Data Visualization

This Tableau workbook provides faculty salary data by department (including gender, faculty rank and years since degree) to assist in determining whether faculty members are appropriately and equitably paid in comparison to peers at UW-Madison.

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Employee Record Data, Academic Planning & Institutional Research Specific / Limited Audience
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