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Student Assistant Tuition Remission IDE

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This workbook exports a file listing student assistant appointments (PA, RA, TA, & LSA) that may qualify the graduate or professional student holding the appointment for tuition remission. Query output is limited to active A & C-basis appointments where the employed student has a minimum total FTE of 33% for all appointments in the term selected. Data reflect the most recent action and action effective date in HRS at the time the query is run.

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Data Cookbook URL (requires authorization)
Data Domain(s)
Employee Record, Student Record
Access Restrictions
Employee Record Data Internal, Student Record Data Restricted
Data Source Information
HRS/EPM, InfoAccess, SIS
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Update Schedule
Data are updated nightly.
Responsible Office
Graduate School Office of Academic Analysis, Planning, & Assessment
Important Notes
  1. More information on the Bursar's Office Tuition Remission form and submission process is at:
  2. Users may choose to filter query results for either the current or the subsequent academic term. If only the current academic term is visible it is too early in the term to view enrollments and appointments for the next term. Data for the subsequent term are typically available around the mid-point of the prior term.
  3. The first six columns of the query output file correspond to the columns in the Tuition Remission Authorization Form, so the data can be copy and pasted from one spreadsheet to the other. However, the query output also includes a number of additional columns providing information about the appointment (e.g. pay basis, rate, etc.). These additional columns are included to provide contextual information about the appointment(s) that programs and administrative units may find useful. 
  4. In cases where the student holds more than one appointment concurrently, the query output file will include separate rows for each of those appointments. In such cases the appointment information in the first six columns will be duplicated, so the user will need to be aware of this when copying and pasting the information to the Tuition Remission Authorization Form. 
  5. If a student has multiple concurrent student appointments totaling 33% FTE or more the student will be included in the query output even if each of those appointments is less than 33% FTE. 


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
A-Basis Appointment

An appointment for the fiscal year paid as determined by the calendar month.

Employee Record
Academic Plan

An area of study--such as a major, minor, or certificate--that is within an academic career.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Academic Subplan

An academic subplan distinguishes a strand of activity within an academic plan or type of major. Can be a named option or honors in a major.

Academic Planning, Student Record
C-Basis Appointment

An appointment directly tied to the academic year calendar (273 days or 39 weeks).

Employee Record
Campus ID

This is simply a unique student identifier (10 digits). It may occasionally change at the student's request. It is not the same as ID in the Student Information System (SIS) or ID in the Human Resources System (HRS).

Student Record
Compensation Rate

The full-time annual pay rate, full-time academic-year pay rate or hourly pay rate.

Employee Record
Effective Date (HRS)

Date on which an action such as job, funding, or termination becomes effective.

Employee Record
Employee ID Number (HRS)

Employee ID Number (HRS) - A unique 8-digit number assigned to each individual in HRS; used for tracking all HRS information related to an individual. These numbers are assigned to both employees as well as Persons of Interest.

Employee Record
Employee Record Number

Identifies each job at a particular point in time. For most employees, the number will be zero. Employees with multiple concurrent jobs will have a unique record number for each job, assigned sequentially based on date of hire for each job. For most employees, the number will be zero. Per UW policy,after a job ends, the employee record number will be reused for future jobs.

Employee Record

Full time job equivalent. Calculated as the number of expected work hours per week divided by 40. In HRS, FTE has a value of .00025 if the true FTE is 0.

Employee Record
Non-pooled Tuition

Tuition that directly supports an organizational unit instead of being combined with other revenues for general support of the institution.

Pay Basis

Defines how compensation is structured. Values may be: Annual (A); Academic (C); Hourly (H); Lump (L); No Pay Basis (N); Summer Session (S); Summer Service (V).

Employee Record
Position Number (HRS)

A unique number assigned by HRS that identifies a position. Position numbers are used to track reporting relationships in HRS.

Employee Record
Project Assistant

Project assistant or program assistant appointments are for UW-Madison graduate students who are employed to assist with research, training, or other academic programs or projects.

Employee Record, Student Record
Research Assistant

A research assistant is a UW-Madison graduate student working towards a Master's or Ph.D. degree. An appointment involves work done primarily for the benefit of the individual's course of study and research and directly applicable to the individual's thesis or dissertation.

Employee Record, Student Record

A period of instruction: Fall, Spring, or Summer.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Term Code

A four-digit Student Information System (SIS) numeric representation for the academic term.

Academic Planning, Employee Record, Finance, Student Record

A UW System-wide, seven-character organizational code used to identify the Unit, Division, Department, Sub-department associated with a particular personnel, research, financial, or other activity or transaction.

University of Wisconsin - Madison