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Glossary of Terms In Administrative Data and Reports

Office of Data Management and Analytics Services

Academic Award Number


A number indicating the particular academic award in sequence of UW-Madison academic awards conferred on the student.

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Academic Planning, Student Record

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Name Type Description Data Domain Responsible Office Access Restrictions Last Updated
Doctoral Minors and Graduate/Professional Certificates Awarded
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Institutional Data Exporter (IDE)

This Institutional Data Exporter provides two tabs of data output. The first is for doctoral minors conferred to students and the second is for any graduate/professional certificates conferred to students. Supplemental degree and primary academic program data is also included to provide additional context. Filtering can be done by a list of Campus IDs, Award Completion Terms, Award Academic Structure, and/or Primary Academic Program Academic Structure.

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Student Record Graduate School Office of Academic Analysis, Planning, & Assessment Student Record Data Restricted
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