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Glossary of Terms In Administrative Data and Reports

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Quantitative Reasoning Part B Course

Courses that have been approved through governance as higher level quantitative reasoning and are therefore eligible to satisfy the second of two general education requirements for quantitative reasoning.
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Course Grade Distribution
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Interactive Data Visualization

Information about enrollments, average course GPA, and instructors is provided at the course and course section level. Users can decide to view the grade distributions by the number of students or the percentage of students.

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Academic Planning, Student Record Academic Planning and Institutional Research Student Record Data Internal
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Courses Completed by Bachelor's Degree Recipients
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Interactive Data Visualization

The number and percentage of bachelor's degree recipients who completed UW-Madison courses is shown by major, school/college, admit type, tuition residency and semester type (when the course was taken).

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Student Record Academic Planning and Institutional Research UW-Madison Employees (NetID Required) 08/24/2023
UW-Madison's Course Catalog
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Interactive Data Visualization

Courses in UW-Madison's Course Catalog have been approved by the University Curriculum Committee and are available for scheduling. Information about these courses include the course subject listings, departments, and school/colleges that offer these courses; course attributes related to general education, breadth, level, and applicability to graduate programs; as well as information about crosslisting and when courses were last taught and their approved learning outcomes.

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Academic Planning Academic Planning and Institutional Research Publicly Available 11/09/2023