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This workbook shows the percentage of enrolled students by course section by gender, aggregated race/ethnicity, tuition residency, and first generation status. These variables are of interest for assessment and curricular planning purposes.

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Important Notes

About the Data

Enrollment data in this visualization reflects the end of the previous day listed next to the enrollment update date in the report heading.

Data are available for the current semester, one immediate past semester, and any future semesters for which enrollment has begun.

Enrollment data reflect the total enrollment (all student levels combined) in the course section.

Enrollment data are only for group instruction courses (not independent study or field courses) and only reflect the primary section of the course (enrollments in secondary sections like discussions and labs are not shown).

Enrollment data reflect the total enrollment regardless of curricular subject crosslistings. Users need to know only one of the curricular subjects under which the course of interest is listed to get enrollments. For example, Botany 151, Biology 151, and Zoology 151 are all the same course. Enrollments for each of these selections will be the same.

Courses are shown only if they have enrollments of 10 or more students.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
First Generation Status

An undergraduate is considered a first generation student if they reported on their application for admission that neither of their parents had earned a four-year college degree. All others, including those who did not respond to the question are considered non-first generation.

Student Record

A binary "Male" or "Female" gender, based on what the individual has reported to the University.

Core Person, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Tuition Residency

The residency status of a student for tuition purposes. Some non-resident students from Minnesota ("Minnesota Compact" students) pay tuition based on a legal agreement between the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Underrepresented Student of Color

A domestic (non-international) student who identifies, alone or in combination with other racial/ethnic categories, as African American/Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, Hispanic/Latino(a), Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, or one or more of the following Asian subcategories (Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, or Vietnamese).

Student Record