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Pipeline of Wisconsin Public High School Graduates to UW-Madison

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Several key metrics related to the educational pipeline are provided at both the county and high school level for the graduating class of 2022-23. These metrics include: the number of Wisconsin public high school graduates, the number and percentage of these graduates who applied to UW-Madison, the number and percentage of these graduates who were admitted, and the number and percentage of the admits who enrolled in fall 2023.

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Applicants are admitted to UW-Madison based on a holistic review of their academic record and achievements. Variations in admission rates between high schools illustrate differences in the academic preparation of applicants. There are no quotas or limits on the number of students who can be admitted from any particular high school. Additionally, applicants might not be admitted due to actions of the applicant, such as withdrawing an application before an admission decision is made or by not submitting all of the materials required for an admission decision (for example, test scores or transcripts).

The number of Wisconsin public high school graduates and the characteristics of Wisconsin high schools (size, geographic location, county location, district, name) are provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The number of high school graduates includes students who earned regular high school diplomas and graduated within four years of entering high school. The number of applicants, admits, and enrolled new freshmen are only those from that high school graduating class. Additional students who graduated in prior years also enrolled at UW-Madison and are not counted in this visualization which is intended to examine the high school graduating cohort.

When the reported number of students in the four-year graduation cohort is less than 10, DPI does not provide any information for that high school. Because our intention is to show all Wisconsin high schools but need the number of graduates to do so, we are using 9 for the number of graduates in these cases. The actual number of graduates may be less than that. In a few cases there are obvious errors in the certified high school completion data. In these cases we have used prior year averages of the number of graduates instead.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Access Rate

The percentage of high school graduates who are enrolled the following fall as new freshmen.

Admission Rate

Percentage of applicants offered admission.

Student Record
Application Rate

The percentage of a population who applied for admission.

Yield Rate

The percentage of admitted applicants who enrolled.