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Days from Admission Decision to Transfer Credit Evaluation

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This workbook shows the difference in days from a student's admission decision to their transfer credit evaluation.

Our population is undergraduate transfer students admitted to the selected term who transferred credit from another college.

This workbook does not include freshman or reentry admit types.

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Important Notes

Date Calculation Notes:

This workbook shows the difference in days between an undergraduate student's admission decision date to their first (minimum) credit evaluation date

Population Notes:

This workbook includes new transfer students, not continuing students who transferred a summer course. Our logic calculated as follows:

-Including students where their transfer articulation term = application admit term

-Excluded students with Admission Type: RAD (Readmitted to Career), FYR (Freshman), RET (Re-entry)

-Excluded students whose Admission Program Reason is 'Madison Connection Program' (U14C)


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Admission Decision Date

The date the Office of Admissions entered 'admit' admission decision in SIS for undergraduate students.

Term Admit Type

Indicates whether a student is a continuing, readmitted, reentry/transfer, new freshman, new transfer, or other new student in that term, except students who start as new freshmen in summer are shown as new freshmen in the following fall too, if enrolled.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Transfer Credit Evaluation Date

The date a transfer course from an external institution was evaluated for a student.

Student Record
Transfer Student A student who enrolls at UW-Madison after previously attending another college or university as a degree-seeking student at the same degree level. Student Record