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Glossary of Terms In Administrative Data and Reports

Data, Academic Planning & Institutional Research

Division (Academic)


An academic group of the University, defined in Faculty Policies & Procedures Chapter 3 and led by a dean or director who reports to the provost, that serves as a school, college or like unit. Each academic program code has an academic division assigned.

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Academic Planning

Related Dashboards

Name Type Description Data Domain Responsible Office Access Restrictions Last Updated
CLO Expedited Project IDE
viz thumbnail for CLO Expedited Project IDE
Institutional Data Exporter (IDE)

All currently active courses in the course catalog with select data elements such as the course learning outcomes, grad attribute, gen ed attributes and when the course was last taught for the purpose of providing data for the CLO Expedited Project.

Additional Info
Academic Planning Academic Planning and Institutional Research UW-Madison Employees (NetID Required) 07/05/2022
Academic Structure
viz thumbnail for Academic Structure
Interactive Data Visualization

This workbook provides information about academic divisions (schools/colleges), departments, plans, subplans, and curricular subjects as well as a visual overview of UW-Madison's academic structure.

Additional Info
Academic Planning Data, Academic Planning & Institutional Research Publicly Available 06/19/2023
Department Planning Profiles: Payroll
Interactive Data Visualization

This interactive visualization provides October and March payroll data going back to 1993 and monthly payroll data for recent years. It includes FTE and annual payroll amounts at the institution, division, department and subdepartment levels.

Additional Info
Budget Data, Academic Planning & Institutional Research UW-Madison Employees (NetID Required) 11/01/2023
Employee Demographics
viz thumbnail for Employee Demographics
Interactive Data Visualization

Non-duplicating headcount of UW-Madison employees by department with demographic characteristics.

Additional Info
Employee Record Data, Academic Planning & Institutional Research Employee Record Data Internal
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