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CIP Code


A six-digit code assigned to plans using the federal Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) taxonomy. The code assignment is coordinated during the governance process. Codes are in the XX.YYZZ format where XX denotes the broadest disciplinary area (i.e. Biological Sciences), YY indicates a diciplinary area within the XX (i.e. Botany) and ZZ indicates a specialty within the XX.YY area (i.e. Plant Pathology).

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Includes details of the CIP Code assignment and change process, current CIP Code assignments for UW-Madison degree-majors and certificates, all CIP Codes relevant to public research universities, and eligibility for the federal STEM-OPT program which is based on CIP Code assignments. See the additional information section below for general information about CIP codes, their structure, and their uses.

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Academic Planning Academic Planning and Institutional Research Publicly Available 07/18/2023