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Includes details of the CIP Code assignment and change process, current CIP Code assignments for UW-Madison degree-majors and certificates, all CIP Codes relevant to public research universities, and eligibility for the federal STEM-OPT program which is based on CIP Code assignments. See the additional information section below for general information about CIP codes, their structure, and their uses.

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Important Notes

The most appropriate CIP code is assigned to an academic program when it is created, based on the curriculum as approved for the degree/major by UW-Madison governance and the UW Board of Regents. For new academic programs, the appropriate CIP Code is determined by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs in consultation with the academic program faculty and UW System Administration. The CIP code is recorded as an attribute of an academic program in the student information system and in UW System records. More detailed information about the principles used in assignment of CIP codes can be found here:

Changes to CIP codes must be approved through UW-Madison governance and by UW System Administration. To request a change to a program CIP code, prepare a proposal that includes the following:

1. The current CIP code and its official description.

2. The proposed CIP code and its official description.

3. The rationale/justification for how the proposed CIP code is a better description for the degree/major than its current assignment.

4. Information demonstrating that the CIP code change will not have adverse impacts on students.

5. Memos of support or concurrence from closely related programs, if relevant.

6. Evidence of approval by the program faculty and the school/college dean's office or APC.

Dean's offices should submit proposals to Allison La Tarte (, Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, who will arrange for consideration by the University Academic Planning Council (UAPC) and UW System. If curricular changes are necessary before the change in CIP code can be considered, proceed with the curricular changes first, and then submit a proposal for a CIP code change. Due to the significant lead time needed to adjust student records and ameliorate any adverse impacts of the changes on student financial aid eligibility, CIP code changes are only effective in subsequent fall semesters.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Academic Award Category

Indicates the level and type of award granted to a student who graduates in a given plan code. For example, Bachelor's, Master's, Research Doctorate, Clinical Doctorate, Undergraduate Certificate, Capstone Certificate.

Academic Planning, Student Record
CIP Code

A six-digit code assigned to plans using the federal Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) taxonomy. The code assignment is coordinated during the governance process. Codes are in the XX.YYZZ format where XX denotes the broadest disciplinary area (i.e. Biological Sciences), YY indicates a diciplinary area within the XX (i.e. Botany) and ZZ indicates a specialty within the XX.YY area (i.e. Plant Pathology).

Academic Planning
CIP Code Area

The first two digits of a CIP code that defines the most general grouping of progams.

Academic Planning
CIP Code Description

The official description of the curriculum associated with the CIP Code Title as determined by the U.S. Department of Education.

Academic Planning
CIP Code Title

The official name of the CIP Code as determine by U.S. Department of Education.

Academic Planning
Plan Code (Academic)

A code representing an approved academic offering such as a major, minor, or certificate within an academic career and program.

Academic Planning, Student Record
STEM OPT Program

A federal employment program (Optional Practical Training) administered by the Department of Homeland Security for international students who graduate with a degree in certain science, technology, engineering, and math fields. The eligible fields are based on the program CIP Code assignments.

Academic Planning
STEM-Opt Flag

Plan codes that meet the US Department of Homeland Security criteria of STEM for the purposes of the Optional Practical Training Program.

Academic Planning
Transcript Description

The official description of the academic structure entity as it appears on the student transcript.

Academic Planning