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Bachelor's Alumni in the USA

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This Tableau workbook visualizes the geographic distribution of alumni who earned a bachelor's degree from UW-Madison in the last 20 years. Alumni can be filtered by school/college and tuition residency as students.

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Important Notes

Alumni for whom WFAA did not have an address, or who had an address outside the 50 states and Washington DC, are not included. Although the location of the address matched to alumni is referred to in this visualization as residency, or where alumni are, in cases where alumni did not have a home address but did have a work address, the county and state of the work address were used. Additionally, although the addresses in the WFAA database represent the most recent and best location information available to us, some alumni addresses may be incorrect or outdated. For example, recent graduates may be counted at addresses they resided at when they were students.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Academic Award School/College

School or college of the academic award. In general, each academic award is associated with a unique academic plan, and each academic plan is part of a unique academic program, and every academic program is associated with a unique school or college. "MSN"/"UW-Madison" is used when an academic award has no school or college associated with it (such as an individualized major or special graduate committee award) or for an additional major.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Tuition Residency

The residency status of a student for tuition purposes. Some non-resident students from Minnesota ("Minnesota Compact" students) pay tuition based on a legal agreement between the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

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