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HR Student Enrollment Status IDE

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A list of students' enrollment statuses in the current and previous term.

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Employee Record, Student Record
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Student Record Data Internal
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Data are refreshed each morning.
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Office of the Registrar


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Campus ID

This is simply a unique student identifier (10 digits). It may occasionally change at the student's request. It is not the same as ID in the Student Information System (SIS) or ID in the Human Resources System (HRS).

Student Record

A unique number assigned to each person in the Human Resource System.

Employee Record

SIS personal identifier. It is also called a "student Empl ID." The ID will never be changed throughout the individual's relationship with the University. This is not the same as Campus ID. This is not the same as HR ID or the ID field from HRS or the Empl ID from HRS.

Student Record
Student Name

Student's preferred name (Last, First, Middle). Prior to the fall of 2014 it shows the primary/legal name.

Academic Planning, Student Record