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Space Analytics

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This visualization provides high level overviews of space allocation, space use, and space function across campus and can be customized to view select organization(s), locations(s), use(s), and function types. It also includes a report on space productivity related to staff counts based on human resources data. The primary users of this dashboard will be Facilities Planning and Management and offices involved in campus planning and resource management at the institutional level. 

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Facilities Data Internal
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Badger Analytics, INSITE
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5th of every month at 5AM
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Facilities Planning & Management
Important Notes

A quick overview of dashboards:

Space Profile:

This dashboard determines square footages and compares allocations by organizational assignment, uses, function, locations or any available combination of filters. 

Data only includes the 'In Use' lifecycle, 'Owned' ownership, current facilities and current spaces.

Space per FTE:  provides comparison of FTE count is connected to organizational space assignments by division. Calculations are based on total FTE across each division, not on staff specifically assign to specific spaces.
Data only includes the 'In Use' lifecycle, 'Owned' ownership, current facilities and current spaces. 

Building Profile: provides a quick view of essential metrics of one or more selected buildings.

Data only includes the 'In Use' lifecycle, 'Owned' ownership, current buildings and current spaces.

Campus Profile: provides a high level overview of the available space resources and their highest consumptions (Uses, Functions, Classification, Division, etc.).

Data excludes 'Retired' lifecycle and non-current facilities.

Facilities List: customizable list of facilities to view quick facts relating to facility type, ownership, life cycle, classification and construction date, and can be used to quickly determine which  as well as determining a list of space in which a selected Division is using.

Data excludes 'Retired' lifecycle and non-current facilities.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Active (Facility) Designates if a facility is being used by UW-Madison. Space
Assignable Area The sum of all areas on all floors of a building assigned to, or available for assignment to, an occupant or specific use. Space
Classification (Space)

Classifies the facility by primary usage.

Construction Date The date when construction began. Space
Department (UDDS)

A two-character numeric designation for each department (academic or budgetary) within a Division (UDDS). Department is the fourth and fifth characters of a UDDS.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Division (UDDS)

A two-character numeric designation for each school/college or non-academic division within a Unit (UDDS). Division is the second and third characters of a UDDS.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Employment Class

A classification system used to group employees with common attributes; examples: FA = Faculty, SH = Student Hourly, CP = University Staff, etc.

Employee Record
FTE (Space)

Full Time Equivalent of employees as allocated via UDDS assignments as represented in UW.UA_MONTHLY_PAYROLL without exclusions.

Facility ID

A code to uniquely identify each facility.

Facility Name The short or common name for a facility. Space
Facility Type Indicates whether a facility is classified as a building, land, or some other type of structure. Space
Floor Floor level in INSITE that matches floor level on floor plans. Space
Function (Space screen version) Concatenated field showing Function Pct., Function Code, and Function. Space
Gross Area The sum of all areas on a floor of a building included within the outside faces of its exterior walls, including all vertical penetration areas, for circulation and shaft areas that connect one floor to another. Gross Area = Net Usable Area + Structural Space. Space
Life Cycle Indicates the status of the facility. Space
Major Use High level space use category name based on aggregated of Use and Subuse coding. Space
Net Usable The aggregate interior area of a building expressed in square feet. It is the sum of Assignable Area and Nonassignable Area. Net Usable Area = Assignable Area + Nonassignable Area.* Space
Room An alphanumeric code to identify every specific room or space, whether assignable or nonassignable. Space
Site Name A geographic zone used to organize facilities in relation to their distance from the main campus. Space
Space Occupancy Date Estimated date a person occupied a room. Space
Space Use Name A description that pairs with the code that provides meaningful and comparable summary data about the role of a room. Short version of USE, USE_NAME. Space
Subuse Description of a secondary use indicator assigned to provide additional detail about the space use. Short version of SUB_USE, SUB_USE_NAME. Space