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Radiation Safety Compliance Training Audit

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A list of UW-Madison employees who are required to complete the Radiation Safety Compliance training.

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Employee Record, Student Record
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Employee Record Data Internal, Student Record Data Internal
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HRS/EPM, InfoAccess, Other
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Office of Radiation Safety


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Business Email Address (HRS)

The email address designated by an employee in HRS and used by HRS for business purposes. At UW-Madison, this email address is synchronized with the DoIT primary email address. See Email Address (DoIT), Bus Email (HRS).

Employee Record
Employee Name (HRS)

The English format name for an employee entered in HRS. The name consists of Last Name, First Name and an optional Middle Initial.

Employee Record
NetID (IT)

The identifier portion of the NetID username and password credential.

Employee Record, Student Record
Training Completion Date

This is the date the training was completed.

Employee Record