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This interactive visualization provides tenured/tenure-track faculty commitment within a department,  and the ability to download a list of their faculty.

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Faculty tenure FTE: FTE of tenured/tenure-track faculty commitments within a department. Takes into consideration both a faculty member's employment FTE and the number of departments where tenure is held.

Faculty with tenure appointments in multiple departments have tenure FTE split among those departments. For example, if a faculty member is full-time (1.0 FTE) and holds equal tenured/tenure-track commitment in Chemistry and Biochemistry, their tenure FTE would be represented as 0.5 FTE in Chemistry and 0.5 FTE in Biochemistry.

Age calculations consider age as of July 1 in a given year.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
School or College

Those faculty units headed by a dean. The dean is the chief executive officer of the school or college, and is appointed by the chancellor under search and screen procedures as set forth in 6.49. The dean must hold a tenured faculty rank as set forth in Chapter 7 of these rules. Other subunits of the university that include the term "school" in their titles are not considered schools for purposes of this chapter; they may be designated by the chancellor, in consultation with the University Committee, as equivalent to departments for any or all of the purposes described in Chapter 5. A school or college shall be created or discontinued, or the name of an existing school or college changed, by the chancellor after consultation with the University Committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Regents. Creation of a school or college with academic programs at the post-baccalaureate graduate or professional level is also subject to the approval of the legislature. Recommendations concerning these matters shall be reported to the faculties of the schools or colleges directly affected and to the senate for discussion.

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Department (Academic Structure)

An entity approved by academic governance to serve at least one of three academic purposes: serve as the academic home for a plan, serve as the academic home of a subject, or serve as a faculty tenure home. The status of an academic organization as academic owner is established through faculty/shared governance approval process; each plan and subject has one academic organization designated as an academic owner. Academic organizations are tied to the budgetary UDD (A####).

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