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Student Course Combinations

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A term-based count of all student enrollments, given a user-specified course.

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To protect student privacy, only courses with 5 or more concurrent enrollments are shown. Primary subject is shown for crosslisted courses (combination types XL and XM).


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Catalog Number

A code associated with a course in the course catalog.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Combined Course Enrollment

The total number of students enrolled for all members of a specific crosslist or meets-with section combination.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Section Number

This denotes a specific component of a given course in a given term. For example, a course with five sections - one lecture section, two lab sections, and two discussion sections - will have each section identified by a different section number in a given term.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

A grouping of courses, approved by faculty governance, within related academic areas.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

A period of instruction: Fall, Spring, or Summer.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Topic Title

This identifies the name of a course section offered under the umbrella of a topics course.

University of Wisconsin - Madison