Percentage of Students' Course Sections Taught In Person

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For each enrolled student in the selected term, the percentage of their course sections that are 'in person' is calculated and then shown in a distribution.

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The calculation of the percentage of course sections taught in person is made based on the instruction mode of the course section. For each student the number of course sections taught in-person (classroom instruction) or hybrid (part online part in-person) is divided by the total number of sections and then averaged for the distribution.

Year in school is shown here and is calculated as follows: Students in new admit types or who have only one enrolled prior term are considered 1st year students. Students who have 2 or 3 enrolled prior terms are considered 2nd year students. Students who have 4 or 5 enrolled prior terms are considered 3rd year students. Students who have 6 or 7 prior enrolled terms are fourth year students. All other students who have been enrolled longer than 7 terms are in their fifth or more year in school.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Tuition Residency

The residency status of a student for tuition purposes. Some non-resident students from Minnesota ("Minnesota Compact" students) pay tuition based on a legal agreement between the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
International Students

Non-immigrant visitors who come to the United States temporarily to take classes.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Academic Level

Indicates whether a student is an undergraduate, graduate or professional, or special student. For undergraduates, students are freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior based on accumulated credits, not the duration of time at the University.

University of Wisconsin - Madison