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TA Remote Teaching Training Audit

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This workbook identifies individuals who are required to complete the TA Remote Teaching Training course(s) and reports their training completion status. The data presented in this workbook is used by the College of Letters and Science to ensure their TAs have completed the required training.

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Employee Record, Student Record
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Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Department (UDDS)

A two-character numeric designation for each department (academic or budgetary) within a Division (UDDS). Department is the fourth and fifth characters of a UDDS.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Division (UDDS)

A two-character numeric designation for each school/college or non-academic division within a Unit (UDDS). Division is the second and third characters of a UDDS.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistant appointments are for UW-Madison graduate students who have been assigned teaching responsibilities in an instructional department program under the supervision of a faculty member of the academic staff.

Employee Record, Student Record
Training (Canvas)

A specific module within Canvas for the delivery of information.

Employee Record
Training Status

The level of progress for completing a training. The 3 levels are Completed (finished with a passing grade), Not Completed – (in progress, not yet completed, or completed but did not receive a passing grade), and Expired (completed beyond the expiration date).

Employee Record