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Service-Based Pricing Programs

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Academic programs on this list meet the requirements for and were approved for service-based pricing under UW System Administrative Policy 130. See

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Academic Planning
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DM.Academic Plan, DM.Academic Subplan
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Academic Planning and Institutional Research


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Academic Award Level Academic degree level corresponding to an academic award, i.e. bachelor's, master's, professional, doctoral, and other. Academic Planning, Student Record
Academic Plan

An area of study--such as a major, minor, or certificate--that is within an academic career.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Academic Subplan

An academic subplan distinguishes a strand of activity within an academic plan or type of major. Can be a named option or honors in a major.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Distance Education Program

An indicator of whether the plan or any of its subplans is approved for distance delivery as defined by the Higher Learning Commission where 50% or more of the required courses may be taken as distance-delivered courses where the vast majority of instruction and interaction occurs via electronic communication where instructors and students are physically separated from each other.

Academic Planning
School/College of Academic Plan

Indicates the school/college that has ownership of the academic plan.

Academic Planning, Student Record