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Count of Students in Academic Plans IDE

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A list of user-defined academic plans, pivoted by primary school/college of the student. Each row has a grand total including all school/colleges.

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Important Notes

IDE does not include results for students with no academic plan.

The 'Include Academic Subplans?' selector allows you to select whether you would like to have academic subplan information added to the detail of the results. If 'Yes' is selected, academic subplans are available as a filter and each academic plan will have subplan information, if applicable, in an additional row(s). If 'No' is selected, academic subplans are not available as a filter and each academic plan shows total students enrolled among all subplans and by school/college. Additionally, the 'Academic Subplan' column will exist on the results regardless of which selection is made: this is a limitation of Tableau.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Academic Plan

An area of study--such as a major, minor, or certificate--that is within an academic career.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Plan Type (Academic Structure)

A code indicating the type of academic plan, related to to the degree or credential awarded to students who complete it.
CAP = Capstone
CRT = Certificate
MAJ = Major
MIN = Minor (Graduate School or Education)
TCH = Educator Certification
NON = Non-degree
HON = Honors
SP = Specialization
PRP = Pre College Program

Academic Planning, Student Record
School/College of Student

The student's primary school/college. Some students have a second major or pursue a certificate in another school/college.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

A period of instruction: Fall, Spring, or Summer.

University of Wisconsin - Madison