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Degree Audit: Batch Requirement

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This workbook includes two tables showing the completion status of curricular requirements at different levels for students included in user-submitted batches of degree audits. The third tab is an exporter that includes additional data.

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Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Campus ID

This is simply a unique student identifier (10 digits). It may occasionally change at the student's request. It is not the same as ID in the Student Information System (SIS) or ID in the Human Resources System (HRS).

Student Record
Catalog Year and Term

The UW-Madison Academic Calendar Year and Term that determines the version of the curriculum (and set of Degree Requirements) that applies to a student. A student’s Catalog Year and Term is determined by rules set by the School/College offering the degree program. Different Catalog Year and Terms may apply to different Degree Requirements, subject to School/College policy. For instance, the Catalog Year and Term for an undergraduate student’s General Education Requirements may be determined by matriculation to any institution of higher learning, whereas the Catalog Year and Term for Major Requirements may be determined by the declaration date of the Major.

Academic Planning

This is a unit of instruction approved through faculty governance.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Degree Requirement

A curricular condition for completing a Degree. Requirements may be classified as General Education Requirements, Major Requirements, etc. according to their roles within the Degree.

Academic Planning
Degree Sub-requirement

A curricular condition for completing a Degree Requirement.

Academic Planning
Plan Code (Academic)

A code representing an approved academic offering such as a major, minor, or certificate within an academic career and program.

Academic Planning, Student Record
School/College of Academic Plan

Indicates the school/college that has ownership of the academic plan.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Subplan Code (Academic Structure)

A code representing an approved curricular path option within an academic plan.

Academic Planning, Student Record