L&S Undergraduate Degree Clearance Deficiency Report

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This report provides Campus IDs, Names, Majors, and Email Addresses of College of Letters and Science Undergraduate students who have applied for graduation in a particular term but who are either not on track to graduate with in-progress work (Pre-Clearance Deficiencies) or were not cleared for graduation during the degree clearance process (Degree Clearance Deficiencies).  It also provides information about unresolved grades of these students.

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Important Notes

The report always shows the most recent set of data.  The DARS data in this report is regularly purged, and therefore it will sometimes show no data.

The 'Plan Completion Status” refers to whether the audit shows as complete and whether any in-progress (IP) work was used in the audit. In order for a student to be complete with her degree in L&S, all of her L&S majors must be complete without the use of in-progress work. Therefore, if an L&S student shows as complete for one major in the 'Degree Clearance' report she must not be complete (or complete only with in-progress work) for one of her other majors.

To see the completion status of all majors for a list of students, highlight the Campus IDs of those students, hover over those Campus IDs, and select “Keep only.” Then select “All” for the “Select Major” and “Select Plan Completion Status” filters. This will show all of the majors for only those students. To eliminate this filter, select “Revert” from the menu bar.

To download this data first apply the desired filters, double click somewhere in the displayed data, then select 'Download' -> 'Data',  and finally click the 'Download all rows as text file' hyperlink.  This will download a .csv file that can be opened in Excel.  

Plan Completion Status and Plan Code come from the following DARSP data tables:



Unresolved Grade data comes from the following DARSP data table:


Student Term, Name, Campus ID, Email Address, and Major title come from the following INFOACCESS data table:





Name Functional Definition Data Domains

A period of instruction: Fall, Spring, or Summer.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Plan Code (Academic)

A code representing an approved academic offering such as a major, minor, or certificate within an academic career and program.

Academic Planning, Student Record
School or College

Those faculty units headed by a dean. The dean is the chief executive officer of the school or college, and is appointed by the chancellor under search and screen procedures as set forth in 6.49. The dean must hold a tenured faculty rank as set forth in Chapter 7 of these rules. Other subunits of the university that include the term "school" in their titles are not considered schools for purposes of this chapter; they may be designated by the chancellor, in consultation with the University Committee, as equivalent to departments for any or all of the purposes described in Chapter 5. A school or college shall be created or discontinued, or the name of an existing school or college changed, by the chancellor after consultation with the University Committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Regents. Creation of a school or college with academic programs at the post-baccalaureate graduate or professional level is also subject to the approval of the legislature. Recommendations concerning these matters shall be reported to the faculties of the schools or colleges directly affected and to the senate for discussion.

Academic Planning, Employee Record, Research Administration, Student Record
Grade The grade the student received in the course. Academic Planning, Student Record