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Civil Rights Training Tracker

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The two tabs of this workbook display overall completion status as well the list of completions for each individual.

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Please note that the workbook can only be navigated through VPN or campus network.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Business Email Address (HRS)

The email address designated by an employee in HRS and used by HRS for business purposes. At UW-Madison, this email address is synchronized with the DoIT primary email address. See Email Address (DoIT), Bus Email (HRS).

Employee Record
County The county where the facility is located. Space
Days to Training Expiration

Amount of time remaining for an individual to retake a training. Expiration timeframe varies according to each training.

Employee Record
Department (UDDS)

A two-character numeric designation for each department (academic or budgetary) within a Division (UDDS). Department is the fourth and fifth characters of a UDDS.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Employee ID Number (HRS)

Employee ID Number (HRS) - A unique 8-digit number assigned to each individual in HRS; used for tracking all HRS information related to an individual. These numbers are assigned to both employees as well as Persons of Interest.

Employee Record
Employee Name (HRS)

The English format name for an employee entered in HRS. The name consists of Last Name, First Name and an optional Middle Initial.

Employee Record
Job Start Date

This is the start of a new Job Period.  

Employee Record
Person of Interest (POI)

A Person of Interest has a relationship with the University of Wisconsin, other than as an employee or as a student, and that we document this relationship; e.g., emeritus status, volunteer, consultant, etc.

Employee Record
Subdepartment (UDDS)

A two-character numeric designation for each subdepartment (primarily budgetary) within a Department (UDDS). Subdepartment is the sixth and seventh characters of a UDDS.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Training Completion Date

This is the date the training was completed.

Employee Record
Training Status

The level of progress for completing a training. The 3 levels are Completed (finished with a passing grade), Not Completed – (in progress, not yet completed, or completed but did not receive a passing grade), and Expired (completed beyond the expiration date).

Employee Record