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Payroll Funding Edit & Placeholder IDE

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An export of employee jobs and the respective upcoming payroll funding projections for a given Deptid(s) and Pay Period(s).

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Data Cookbook URL (requires authorization)
Data Domain(s)
Employee Record
Access Restrictions
Employee Record Data Internal
Data Source Information
HRS/EPM, InfoAccess
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Update Schedule
Data is refreshed daily.
Responsible Office
Office of Human Resources
Important Notes

The 'Amount' column projects employee payments based on the following calculations:
Classified employees: (UW_Comp_Rate*HRS_FTE*Funding_Pct)*2
Unclassified employees: UW_Comp_Rate*HRS_FTE*Funding_Pct
In the cases where the HRS FTE is zero (many SH & CL empl class jobs), the Amount column will reflect zero.
The Deptid parameter uses a 'begins with' condition and the Pay Period parameter uses an 'equal' condition.

Possible funding error issues are defined as:
1) Appt level funding has not been set up
2) Placeholder projects - identified with a UW Project Type Code of 'NS_17'
3) The project will be paid past the end date of the project
4) The funding split is being paid on Activity 9, but the employee does not have an Empl Class of SA1
5) The split is being paid after the budgetary end date
6) The project is closed (status is at level 3 or higher)

For a description of each field, see:


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Accounting Period (Accounting)

Represents a specific time interval (usually a month) for which each transaction is assigned. Possible values are:

  • 1 (Jul)
  • 2 (Aug)
  • 3 (Sep)
  • 4 (Oct)
  • 5 (Nov)
  • 6 (Dec)
  • 7 (Jan)
  • 8 (Feb)
  • 9 (Mar)
  • 10 (Apr)
  • 11 (May)
  • 12 (Jun)
  • 13 (Close)
  • 998 (Year End Adjustments)

Project/grants will typically show Period 13 with Period 1 of the next fiscal year.

Employment Class

A classification system used to group employees with common attributes; examples: FA = Faculty, SH = Student Hourly, CP = University Staff, etc.

Employee Record
Fiscal Year

A period that an organization uses for accounting purposes and preparing financial statements. For the university, the fiscal year is from July 1 - June 30 (i.e., FY2016 = July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016). Summer is the first term in the university fiscal year.

Fund (Accounting)

Also known as appropriation, this is a 3 digit number set up by the Legislature to define the funding source and transactions that can be attributed to it.

Program (Accounting)

A code assigned to classify institutional activities in accordance with NACUBO.

Project (Accounting)

A code assigned to further specify limitations/classifications on use of funds if needed (e.g., grants).


A UW System-wide, seven-character organizational code used to identify the Unit, Division, Department, Sub-department associated with a particular personnel, research, financial, or other activity or transaction.

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