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A selected student's course schedule in a selected term. A list of the course rosters for all of the courses associated with the selected student is exported. 

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Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Catalog Number

A code associated with a course in the course catalog.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Component Type

Signifies the type of instruction for a particular course section.

Academic Planning
Course ID

A 6-digit unique ID assigned to a specific course. All course members of a crosslisted course will have the same Course ID.

Academic Planning
Course Title

The official name of the course.

Academic Planning

SIS personal identifier. It is also called a "student Empl ID." The ID will never be changed throughout the individual's relationship with the University. This is not the same as Campus ID. This is not the same as HR ID or the ID field from HRS or the Empl ID from HRS.

Student Record
Section Number

This denotes a specific component of a given course in a given term. For example, a course with five sections - one lecture section, two lab sections, and two discussion sections - will have each section identified by a different section number in a given term.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Standard Meeting Pattern The days of the week the course section is scheduled to meet. Academic Planning

A grouping of courses, approved by faculty governance, within related academic areas.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

A period of instruction: Fall, Spring, or Summer.

University of Wisconsin - Madison