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Course Enrollment Counts

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A collection of visualizations around course enrollments. Included are course enrollments, course enrollments by plan, course enrollments by catalog number, summer term course enrollments, and low course enrollments. Each visualization has filters which may be utilized.

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Important Notes

For all visualizations, crosslisted courses have been combined into the primary subject for the term. The underlying data displayed in student primary school or college was corrected to display the student's primary program as of Spring 2006 - 2007. Any term selected before Spring 2006-2007 has uncorrected data and will not display students' primary schools or college correctly, if this data exists in the view. In 'Course Enrollments by Plan', students are counted once for each plan in a term. For example, a student who has two majors and one certificate in a given term is counted three times for each class they are enrolled in that term. This enables drilling down to understand the course enrollments of students in a specific plan, but it also means that enrollment counts here will not match those from other, unduplicated counts elsewhere in this series of visualizations. In 'Low Enrollment Courses', definitions of low-enrollment courses may vary across schools and colleges. Cutoffs used in the visualization are taken from guidelines in the College of Letters and Science: see for more information.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Academic Level

Indicates whether a student is an undergraduate, graduate or professional, or special student. For undergraduates, students are freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior based on accumulated credits, not the duration of time at the University.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Academic Plan

An area of study--such as a major, minor, or certificate--that is within an academic career.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Catalog Number

A code associated with a course in the course catalog.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Course Combination Type

Denotes if and how a course is offered as combined sections.

Academic Planning
Course Enrollment

The number of students enrolled in a course section.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Course Title

The official name of the course.

Academic Planning
Plan Code (Academic)

A code representing an approved academic offering such as a major, minor, or certificate within an academic career and program.

Academic Planning, Student Record
School/College of Course

Indicates the School/College that has ownership of the Subject under which the course is offered.

Academic Planning
School/College of Student

The student's primary school/college. Some students have a second major or pursue a certificate in another school/college.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Section Number

This denotes a specific component of a given course in a given term. For example, a course with five sections - one lecture section, two lab sections, and two discussion sections - will have each section identified by a different section number in a given term.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Any person who is registered for study at UW-Madison for a specified academic period.

Student Record

A period of instruction: Fall, Spring, or Summer.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Topic Title

This identifies the name of a course section offered under the umbrella of a topics course.

University of Wisconsin - Madison