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This workbook describes UW-Madison employee reporting relationships based on the 'Reports To' field in HRS. Two lookup paths are provided: supervisor to employee and employee to supervisor. Filters enable reduction by division, department, sub-department and employee/supervisor name. An active/inactive/missing status filter enables identification of missing and inactive supervisor/employee relationships.

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Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Business Email Address (HRS)

The email address designated by an employee in HRS and used by HRS for business purposes. At UW-Madison, this email address is synchronized with the DoIT primary email address. See Email Address (DoIT), Bus Email (HRS).

Employee Record
Combined Title

A combination of Job Title (HRS) and Working Title (HRS) where the working title is preferred if it differs from the job title.

Employee Record
Department (UDDS)

A two-character numeric designation for each department (academic or budgetary) within a Division (UDDS). Department is the fourth and fifth characters of a UDDS.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Division (UDDS)

A two-character numeric designation for each school/college or non-academic division within a Unit (UDDS). Division is the second and third characters of a UDDS.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Employee ID Number (HRS)

Employee ID Number (HRS) - A unique 8-digit number assigned to each individual in HRS; used for tracking all HRS information related to an individual. These numbers are assigned to both employees as well as Persons of Interest.

Employee Record
Employee Name (HRS)

The English format name for an employee entered in HRS. The name consists of Last Name, First Name and an optional Middle Initial.

Employee Record
Employee Record Number

Identifies each job at a particular point in time. For most employees, the number will be zero. Employees with multiple concurrent jobs will have a unique record number for each job, assigned sequentially based on date of hire for each job. For most employees, the number will be zero. Per UW policy,after a job ends, the employee record number will be reused for future jobs.

Employee Record
Employment Class

A classification system used to group employees with common attributes; examples: FA = Faculty, SH = Student Hourly, CP = University Staff, etc.

Employee Record
Job Code

A five-character code that identifies the employee's job classification/title. For University Staff and student hourly positions it's a numeric code. Unclassified positions have alpha-numeric codes.

Employee Record
Job Status

Indicates whether a job in HRS is active or inactive based on the job's start and end dates relative to a point in time or time period. An inactive job may have been terminated or may be planned for the future.

Employee Record
Job Title (HRS)

A unique description configured in HRS that corresponds to a job code.

Employee Record
Position Number (HRS)

A unique number assigned by HRS that identifies a position. Position numbers are used to track reporting relationships in HRS.

Employee Record