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This workbook exports a file of individual student record data used in the 'GSSC Application Data' visualization. This workbook is intended to provide operational information to departments and programs preparing applications to the GSSC program. It is not intended to provide official counts, trends, or summary information.

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Student Record
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Student Record Data Restricted
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Data are updated annually in July for the prior academic year.
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Graduate School Office of Academic Analysis, Planning, & Assessment
Important Notes

General Notes

Information is limited to specific academic departments, programs, and plans eligible for the Graduate Student Support Competition (GSSC). Data excludes secondary majors for students pursing joint degrees. More information on the Graduate Student Support Competition can be found at

Completions Data

Doctoral completion records are for students starting their doctoral plan between academic year 2011/12 and academic year 2015/16. Master's completion records are for students starting their master's plan between academic year 2015/16 and 2019/20.  In both cases, degree completion/enrollment status is measured at the end of spring, 2023.

The 'Still Enrolled in Program' category includes students still enrolled in either fall 2022 or spring 2023 in their original academic plan, as well as those enrolled in a different academic plan but in the same academic program. The 'Left with Other Degree from Program' category includes students who did not complete their original master's plan but who earned either a (different) master's or doctoral degree in the same program.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Academic Award Completion Term

The academic term in which an academic award was granted.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Academic Award Plan Academic plan corresponding to an academic award. Academic Planning, Student Record
Academic Plan

An area of study--such as a major, minor, or certificate--that is within an academic career.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Academic Year (Su,Fa,Sp)

An academic year consists of sequential summer, fall, and spring terms. For example, the 2021-22 academic years includes summer 2021, fall 2021, and spring 2022.

Academic Planning
Career (Academic Structure)

A broad grouping of students related to their degree objectives and admitting office. Used for tuition charges, awarding financial aid, grading scales and other operational functions.

Academic Planning, Student Record

A specific group of students established for tracking purposes based on an event shared by the group of students. Examples include entrance cohorts and graduation cohorts.

Student Record
Department (Academic Structure)

An entity approved by academic governance to serve at least one of three academic purposes: serve as the academic home for a plan, serve as the academic home of a subject, or serve as a faculty tenure home. The status of an academic organization as academic owner is established through faculty/shared governance approval process; each plan and subject has one academic organization designated as an academic owner. Academic organizations are tied to the budgetary UDD (A####).

Academic Planning, Employee Record
Graduation Rate

The percentage of students in a cohort who have graduated as of a specified measurement period.

Student Record
International Students

Non-immigrant visitors who come to the United States temporarily to take classes.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Last Term Enrolled

The SIS code for the most recent academic year and semester that the student was enrolled. Note that this can be in a future term if the enrollment period for that term is active.


A binary "Male" or "Female" gender, based on what the individual has reported to the University.

Core Person, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Program (Academic Structure)

A group of academic plans that share characteristics within an academic group. Academic program code controls administrative functions such as min credits, max credits, tuition rates, academic standing, grading schemes, full-time/part-time standing, financial aid primacy number.

Academic Planning, Student Record

A period of instruction: Fall, Spring, or Summer.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Term Code

A four-digit Student Information System (SIS) numeric representation for the academic term.

Academic Planning, Employee Record, Finance, Student Record
Underrepresented Student of Color

A domestic (non-international) student who identifies, alone or in combination with other racial/ethnic categories, as African American/Black, American Indian/Alaska Native, Hispanic/Latino(a), Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, or one or more of the following Asian subcategories (Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, or Vietnamese).

Student Record