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This data visualization reports summary information on UW-Madison graduate program admissions and enrollment for the past five academic years. It includes data on admissions selectivity and yield rates, the demographics of applicants and enrolled students, as well as the home state or country of enrolled students. The visualization provides the same information as the Graduate School Admissions & Enrollment Data Visualization, but using a Universal Program filter, so that custom links can be created that are Plan/Named Option specific.

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Admissions, Student Record
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Data are updated annually in July for the prior academic year.
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Graduate School Office of Academic Analysis, Planning, & Assessment
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Information is limited to degree programs administered by the Graduate School. Excluded are a number of post-baccalaureate professional degrees solely supported by their home school, including certain medical and law degrees. More information on Graduate School programs can be found at

Presented data are as of the end of the term, and may therefore differ from other official publications using tenth day frozen enrollment records.

All displayed counts are distinct headcounts within specified filter conditions.

Graduate School admissions reporting, including the reporting of new enrollments, is limited to new program applicants--i.e. those who not previously enrolled in the program. Students entering a new program via the Graduate School program add/change process are therefore not included in admissions reporting.

Applicants receiving a departmental recommendation for admission (action reason codes G60, G61, G63, G65, G66) are counted as admitted. Applicants may also be counted as admitted if they are approved for admission by the Graduate School Office of Admissions (action reason codes G11, G13, G17, G18).

Admissions new enrollment headcounts are reported for the actual term of initial enrollment, which in some cases differs from the student's term of application and admission. In such cases the yield rate calculation assumes the student enrolled in the original admit term, and the rate is calculated for that term only.


New enrollment headcounts in the Graduate School Enrollment dashboard represent all new enrollments within the specified filters. This includes both students entering the program as new applicants, and those entering the program through the Graduate School program add/change process.

There are two parameters for Academic Plan and Named Option that can be controlled only via defining these parameters in a URL link to the workbook. The first parameter is 'Select Academic Plan (Universal Filter)', which controls which Academic Plan is defined for the entire workbook. The second parameter is 'Select Named Option (Universal Filter)', which controls a filter for what Named Option is defined for the entire workbook. In the event that the 'Select Academic Plan (Universal Filter)' is defined and the 'Select Named Option (Universal Filter)' is not, all Named Options for a given Academic Plan will be shown. In the event that a Named Option is defined that is not a Named Option for the defined Academic Plan, then no data will show.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Academic Plan

An area of study--such as a major, minor, or certificate--that is within an academic career.

Academic Planning, Student Record
Academic Year

An academic year consists of sequential summer, fall, spring terms. For example, the 2011-12 academic years includes summer 2011, fall 2011, and spring 2012.

Academic Planning
Admission Rate

Percentage of applicants offered admission.

Student Record
Admit (Graduate Career)

Recommendation by an academic department to the Graduate School to admit a graduate applicant. Valid department reason codes in the Graduate School application system are G60 (full admission), G61 (admission on probation), G63 (master's only admission), G65 (admission with deficiencies), and G66 (admission on probation with deficiencies).

Applicants may also be counted as admits if they are approved for admission by the Graduate School Office of Admissions. Valid Graduate School action reason codes are G11 (admit-full standing), G13 (admit-missing final transcript), G17 (admit on probation), and G18 (temporary admit on probation).

Admissions, Student Record

An individual who has submitted an application to be considered for admission.

Student Record
Degree Level

The type of award granted to a student who graduates in a given plan code.

Valid Values:


Research Doctorate
Clinical Doctorate

Academic Planning, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Deprecated: Targeted Minority Students

Deprecated term. Replaced by Underrepresented Student of Color (UW System Defined)

Domestic (not international) students who have identified a race/ethnicity of Black, Hispanic, American Indian and/or Southeast Asian (of Laotian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, or Hmong heritage).

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Disciplinary Division

The four divisions established on the basis of related subjects of teaching and research and are independent of colleges, schools, and departments, and include: Biological Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Academic Planning, Employee Record
International Students

Non-immigrant visitors who come to the United States temporarily to take classes.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

A binary "Male" or "Female" gender, based on what the individual has reported to the University.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Named Option

A named option is a formally documented sub-major within an academic major program.

Academic Planning, Student Record
New Plan Enrollment

A student in the first term of an academic plan.  New enrollments may be either new to a career or entering a new academic plan within a career. 

Admissions, Student Record
Program (Academic Structure)

A group of academic plans that share characteristics within an academic group. Academic program code controls administrative functions such as min credits, max credits, tuition rates, academic standing, grading schemes, full-time/part-time standing, financial aid primacy number.

Academic Planning, Student Record
School/College of Academic Plan

Indicates the school/college that has ownership of the academic plan.

Academic Planning, Student Record

A period of instruction: Fall, Spring, or Summer.

University of Wisconsin - Madison
Yield Rate

The percentage of admitted applicants who enrolled.