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Advisor Notes System IDE

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This workbook exports an Excel file containing the results of a query of the Advisor Notes System (ANS). Users can set filters/limits to obtain the meta-data around documented contacts entered into the ANS for a desired population of students or for an individual student based on the filters selected.

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Data Domain(s)
Advising, Student Record
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Student Record Data Restricted
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Daily at 7:45am
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Office of Data Management and Analytics Services
Important Notes

This IDE does NOT provide users access to the text of the advising notes - only to the meta data around each documented contact.


Name Functional Definition Data Domains
Academic Advisor

A university staff member assigned to students for the purpose of advising them on academic matters, such as the requirements for progression through a degree program.

Academic Planning, Employee Record
Academic Plan Group

A code assigned by UW-Madison for a major. The major may be offered across multiple degree levels and/or by multiple school or colleges.

Academic Planning, Student Record

A student who has an advisor assignment in SIS.

Advisee Name

Assigned student's preferred name (Last, First, Middle). Prior to the fall of 2014 it shows the primary/legal name.

Advisee Plan Code

See definition for Plan Code (Academic)

Advisee Plan Description

See definition for Academic Plan

Advisee Program Code

The code for the student’s academic program on the academic advisor record.

Advisee Program Description

The name of the student’s academic program matching the advisor record.

Advisor ID

Ten-digit SIS personal identifier of the advisor. This will be the committee ID if advising is done by a committee.

Advisor Role

The role under which the advisor is assigned.

Academic Planning, Employee Record
Advisor Role Code

The code for the role of the academic advisor.

Advisor Role Description

The description of the academic advisor role.

Campus ID

This is simply a unique student identifier (10 digits). It may occasionally change at the student's request. It is not the same as ID in the Student Information System (SIS) or ID in the Human Resources System (HRS).

Student Record
Career (Academic Structure)

A broad grouping of students related to their degree objectives and admitting office. Used for tuition charges, awarding financial aid, grading scales and other operational functions.

Academic Planning, Student Record

SIS personal identifier. It is also called a "student Empl ID." The ID will never be changed throughout the individual's relationship with the University. This is not the same as Campus ID. This is not the same as HR ID or the ID field from HRS or the Empl ID from HRS.

Student Record

A period of instruction: Fall, Spring, or Summer.

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